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If You Own These Stocks, Your Dividend Is in Danger

Mining companies are having another horrible week… As Dispatch readers know, commodities are in a deep bear market. Over the past year, the Bloomberg Commodity Index, which tracks 22 different commodities, has fallen to its lowest level since May 1999. Many individual commodities have lost 30% or more in the last year. Since December 2014, […]

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Playing chess with Putin

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How to Profit from the End of the Longest Running War in the Americas

Drug cartels. Kidnappings. Assassinations. A war for billions in cocaine profits. Leftist guerrillas looking for a piece of the action. If you’ve seen a movie with this stuff in it, there’s a good chance it was set in Colombia. Popular culture has depicted Colombia this way for decades. The media has pounded this image into […]

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