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Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

The largest underground currency market in history…how to make huge investment gains from negative interest rates…none dare call it a tax. Editor’s Note: This is the most important Dispatch we’ve published all year. You won’t find our regular daily market commentary in this issue. Instead, you’ll find an urgent message from Casey Research director Brian […]

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Why Argentina’s Golden Days Faded, and Why It’s a Huge Bargain Today

Every country has traditions. And to understand the traditions, you have to have some grip of history. A country’s history goes a long way toward explaining what it is, and where it’s going. Because of its size, geography, and large European population, Argentina might have evolved the way the U.S. did. And it comes closer […]

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Why This Casey Analyst Turned Down Free Money

It’s happening again… The government is blowing another subprime bubble. Longtime Casey readers know the U.S. government caused the housing bubble of 2007–08. In short, easy money policies caused housing prices to spike 46% in six years. Convinced that housing prices “never go down,” lenders began issuing mortgages to folks who couldn’t afford them. Many […]

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Will You Get Your Money Out in Time?

The “bank account tax” is coming. If you’ve been a Casey reader for long, you know the U.S. government has engaged in a long list of reckless acts since the 2008 financial crisis. It has created trillions of dollars from thin air…it has borrowed trillions more…and it’s held interest rates at effectively zero for seven […]

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How a Witch Doctor Convinces Everyone He’s a Neurosurgeon

No matter what ailed you, the doctor had one cure: attaching leeches to your body. In the Middle Ages, doctors used leeches to treat everything from headaches to ear infections, asthma, smallpox, the plague, and hundreds of other diseases. If there was something wrong with you, leeches were the solution. If that didn’t work, the […]

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We’re in the Eye of the Financial Hurricane

American stores are hurting… Two weeks ago, we pointed out that giant retailer Wal-Mart just had its worst year since 1980. Sales fell for the first time in 35 years. The company plans to close 269 stores. Since then, retailers have announced a flood of ugly results, The Wall Street Journal reports. On Thursday, Kohl’s […]

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