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Doug Casey on the Coming Holy War

Justin’s note: Today, we have another brand-new Conversations with Casey to share with you. In the interview below, Doug Casey and I discuss holy wars in Europe. I’m not talking about the Crusades, either. I’m talking about a modern-day holy war. Some folks will think I’m crazy for even entertaining this idea. But a few […]

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This Shady Practice Is Robbing You Blind

Let’s talk shrinkage. It’s a serious problem that’s affecting all of us. I’ll explain why in a second. But first, look at the size of this candy bar… It’s a joke. As I’m sure you know, it wasn’t always like this. When I was a kid, a Fun Size Milky Way was much bigger. You […]

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This Dangerous Assumption Could Cost You Everything

Animal spirits have come roaring back. “Animal spirits” is a term that finance guys use all the time. It refers to the human emotion that drives consumer confidence. When animal spirits are weak, people are fearful about the economy. When they’re strong, people are excited about the economy. I’m telling you this because Donald Trump […]

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The Candlemakers’ Petition

French economist Frédéric Bastiat was a man far ahead of his time. He was a “classical liberal,” which today would identify him as a libertarian. He expanded upon the free-market argument set forth by Adam Smith in 1776. In 1845, the French government levied protective tariffs on scores of items, from sewing needles to locomotives. […]

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Doug Casey on Why College Is a Waste of Money

Justin’s note: Today, instead of our usual market commentary, we’re doing something special. I recently sat down again with Casey Research founder Doug Casey to discuss a troubling trend: the fast-rising cost of a college education. Read our conversation below to see why Doug says relying on—and paying for—today’s educational paradigm “makes as much sense as entering a […]

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