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Senior Editor Doug began with Casey Research as a freelance writer on the former publication What We Now Know, for which he wrote nearly 125 articles. In October of 2005, he assumed editorship of Casey's Daily Resource Plus and two years later joined the Casey team full time, helping with the launch of BIG GOLD, which he co-edited until the summer of 2009. Since then, he has been writing for Casey’s Extraordinary Technology, the Daily Dispatch and other Casey publications, as well as producing articles for general Internet distribution. A former Edgar Award nominee, finalist for the Virginia Prize in both fiction and poetry, winner of several open literary competitions including the 2000 Virginia Governor's Screenwriting contest, Doug lives on 30 mountainous acres in a county that has 14,000 residents and a single stop light. He is an admitted political junkie, but shuns any political party that would have him as a member. Doug has authored ten books, done investigative journalism for Virginia’s leading newspaper, and written articles for Business Week, The Writer, Playboy, Whole Earth Review, and other national publications.

Homepage: http://www.caseyresearch.com/go/bwvLF/NIT

Can You Put Your Brainpower into Overdrive?

Chances are, you haven’t heard about nootropics yet. They’re still pretty far out of the mainstream. But they’re beginning to gather some steam as they head for the public consciousness (pun intended), and it seems likely they’ll be getting increasing press in the near future. So what are they? Wikipedia says nootropics are also known […]

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