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Reversal Rates Are the Next Big Challenge for Central Banks

  BY SAMUEL RINES, Mauldin Economics Negative and ultra-low interest rates have become the norm for the developed world. The phrases “lower for longer” and “new normal” are now accepted as facts rather than predictions. But, how low is too low? For many developed world economies, rates remain low in order to combat stagnation as growth […]

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What If Deflation Wins?

Since writing last month that inflation was on the rise, things have taken an abrupt turn. Look at the deflationary actions that have recently taken place: The US dollar has shot up The US bond market has rallied Precious metals prices have collapsed Base metal prices have fallen Stock markets have declined Oil and other […]

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Gold: No Longer a Safe-haven Asset?

Obama and Bernanke Saved the Economy! Hooray! By Jeff Clark Almost every day we are told the economy is improving. Whether it’s the government or Goldman Sachs, the message is the same: things are getting better. If you look at headline measures like declining unemployment and a rebound in GDP, one might nod along in […]

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Portugal: A(nother) Central Bank Story

By Shane Obata, Hard Assets Alliance analyst The Greenspan put, the Bernanke put, the Yellen put, the Draghi put? Easy money causes people to take risks that they otherwise wouldn’t. And the result is always the same—a boom followed by a bust. Will the retail investor ever learn? Probably—but it won’t last because the emotions […]

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Should We Really Put Gold in an IRA?

Jeff Clark, Editor of BIG GOLD “Gold is one of the dumbest things to put in your IRA,” said the slick TV commentator, with his $200 haircut, perfect white teeth, and superior attitude. “Everyone knows income-producing vehicles are best for an IRA.” I tried to ignore the prepackaged message from someone who sounded like he […]

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Foreign Holdings Of U.S. Treasuries Have Fallen

  While it is no secret that the US is severely addicted to debt, what some may find surprising is that over half of all privately held US public debt is held by foreigners. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United States accounted for 37.4% of the world’s imported foreign capital in 2012. […]

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Fundamentals for Gold Unchanged as Economic Uncertainty Rises

By Justin Spittler, Hard Assets Alliance Analyst With fear and volatility gripping the financial world, many investors find it puzzling that gold—history’s most trusted safe-haven asset—has yet to rebound. Following the Fed’s taper pump-fake and Obama’s appointment of Janet Yellen as the next Federal Reserve Chairman, the ingredients for higher gold prices are in place. […]

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This Too Shall Pass

By Jeff Clark, Editor of BIG GOLD Gold is down nearly 25% year to date, and down nearly 35% since its September 5, 2011 high of $1,921. The downtrend has now exceeded two years. Hardly sounds like an asset in which you’d want to invest. But the core reasons for holding gold haven’t changed. How, […]

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Higher Interest Rates: No Longer a Death Sentence for Gold

By Justin Spittler, Hard Assets Alliance Analyst The announcement by Bernanke & Co. that the Fed would stay the course with its asset-purchasing program until it sees more evidence of a strengthening economy sent shock waves across the investment world. The Dow and S&P 500 has rocketed to all-time highs, and the dollar has plummeted. […]

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The Downturn in the Spot Gold Price

By Robert Ross, Hard Assets Alliance Senior Analyst Grant Williams, chief investment strategist for Mauldin Economics’ Bull’s Eye Investor, recently published a piece in his weekly newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmm… that I thought loyal Hard Assets Alliance readers would find very interesting. At its core, the article gives a different take on […]

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