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Senior Precious Metals Analyst The son of an award winning gold panner, Jeff helps work his family’s placer claims in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Gold is never far from his mind or his heart. While working as a psychological counselor, Jeff invested in the IPO of Snapple, made a bundle, and discovered how very profitable speculating can be. Investing in precious metals and mining became the most natural thing in the world for him. Making money in the precious metals industry — both for himself and his subscribers — is what drives Jeff. He is constantly researching companies to recommend, analyzing the big trends in metals, and looking for safe and profitable ways to capitalize on the gold and silver bull market. He puts his money where his mouth is, and is completely committed to making BIG GOLD the best precious metals advisory for the prudent investor.

Homepage: http://www.caseyresearch.com/go/bwtPN/NIT

Jabber/GTalk: jkeithjohnson@gmail.com

Don’t Get Fooled by This Popular Strategy

Editor’s note: Today’s essay comes from our friend and colleague Jeff Clark, one of the best traders we know. Over the last decade, he’s delivered 28 triple-digit winners and 78 double-digit windfalls for his readers. Below, Jeff discusses one of the costliest mistakes he’s come across in his 35 years of trading. As you’ll see, […]

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Here’s What the Next Gold Bull Market Will Look Like

We measured every bull cycle of gold stocks and found there have been eight distinct upcycles since 1975. We also discovered something exciting: Only one was less than a double. (A second was 99.9%.) Even more enticing is that the biggest one—a 601.5% advance in the early 2000s—occurred just after a prolonged bear market. And […]

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The Message from Last Week’s Headlines: Don’t Dare Sell Your Gold!

Have you noticed the trend in mainstream headlines over the past week? The gold price may be stagnant, but forces behind the scenes signal that something big is gelling. What conclusion would you draw from this rundown of recent headlines? China Creates Gold Investment Fund for Central Banks. China announced a new international gold fund. […]

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History Shows A Gold Bull Market Is Fast Approaching

Yearning for sunnier skies for your gold investments? How’s this sound… Gold in a decisive bull market, with the price steadily rising Silver soaring and outpacing gold’s gains Gold stocks rocking, erasing underwater positions and racking up the profits That’s not pie in the sky wishful thinking—it accurately describes the next stage of the gold […]

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The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October

I’m going out on a limb: I think the next bull phase in the gold market gets underway before October. Why? China. But not due to runaway demand… At an International Monetary Fund (IMF) forum last month, China’s central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, made it clear he believes the renminbi is “ready for reserve status.” […]

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Buy Silver or You Will Die!

It’s the news everyone dreads—a call from the hospital. And it’s about one of the most important people in the world… Your mother. [Every ALL-CAPS ITEM below contains silver or is required in its use.] You hear the nurse talking urgently through your TELEPHONE and you realize it’s serious… You grab your REMOTE CONTROL and […]

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These Three Developments Say New Mine Supply Is Peaking

Our curiosity was piqued as we reviewed the year-end reports of the primary gold producers. When we tallied the results, even we were surprised. The upshot of what you’ll see is that at its current pace, new supply will be unable to keep up with demand. It may look like a story that doesn’t have […]

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Silver: As Close to a No-Brainer Investment as It Gets

  By Jeff Clark, Hard Assets Alliance Contributor Jim Rogers once quipped that he waits to invest until “there’s a pile of money just sitting there in a corner and I can walk over and pick it up.” In other words, an asset that’s deeply undervalued, widely ignored, with potent fundamentals ready to kick in. […]

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