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John's company, Mauldin Economics, publishes a growing number of investing resources, including both free and paid publications aimed at helping investors do better in today's challenging economy. You can find complete information about all Mauldin Economics publications here. In addition to publishing, John is cosponsor and host of the Strategic Investment Conference—an annual event for accredited investors that draws a faculty of some of the most respected investment and economic luminaries in the world. He is also a sought-after contributor to financial publications including The Financial Times and The Daily Reckoning, as well as a regular guest on CNBC, Yahoo Tech Ticker, and Bloomberg TV. John is the president of Millennium Wave Advisors, an investment advisory firm registered with multiple states. He is also a registered representative of Millennium Wave Securities, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer. Previously, he was chief executive officer of the American Bureau of Economic Research. Mauldin is one of the founders of Adopting Children Together, the largest adoption support group in Texas. He is currently on the board of directors of the International Reconciliation Coalition and has served on the executive committee of the Republican Party of Texas. John currently lives in Dallas and is the proud father of seven children, five of whom are adopted.

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Robots May Perform Half The Jobs In The US Within 20 Years: Here’s What That Could Mean

Perhaps you don’t think the change that is upon us is a profound one. But consider this: Within two decades, half the jobs in this country may be performed by robots. What then of our unemployment rate? And what of our social safety net? Opinion is divided. Will the next technological wave further skew the […]

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2 Choke Points That Threaten Oil Trade Between Persian Gulf And East Asia

  BY GEORGE FRIEDMAN The flow of international trade has always been subject to geopolitical risk and conflicts. At all stages of the supply chain, trade inherently faces challenges posed by the geopolitical realities along a given route. Some routes are more perilous and harder to navigate than others. One such trade route is the […]

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Reversal Rates Are the Next Big Challenge for Central Banks

  BY SAMUEL RINES, Mauldin Economics Negative and ultra-low interest rates have become the norm for the developed world. The phrases “lower for longer” and “new normal” are now accepted as facts rather than predictions. But, how low is too low? For many developed world economies, rates remain low in order to combat stagnation as growth […]

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Outside the Box: Where’s the Beef? “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

I have long been a critic of government inflation statistics. Not so much with regard to the methodology they use, but because the measure of “average” inflation across the broad economy doesn’t really describe the inflation that the majority of Americans experience. I’ve written about that at length in several letters. Now my good friend […]

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3 Reasons Saudi Arabia Is So Desperate for Cash

Early this year, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia revealed that Saudi Arabia is considering an initial public offering for state-owned oil company Aramco. Chairman of Aramco Khalid al-Falih later clarified that the IPO would not include Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves, estimated at 268 billion barrels. “The reserves will remain sovereign,” al-Falih said in an […]

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Thoughts From the Frontline: The Fed Prepares to Dive

  “No one will lend at a negative interest rate; potential creditors will simply choose to hold cash, which pays zero nominal interest.” – Ben Bernanke, 2009 “I think negative rates are something the Fed will and probably should consider if the situation arises.” – Ben Bernanke, December 2015 “In theory there is no difference […]

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Here’s Why Nobody Understands the Markets

BY JARED DILLIAN I used to be a big astronomy nerd when I was a kid, locked up in my room, reading space books. I actually was once interested in planetary science. Now I study finance. How depraved. Nassim Taleb is right—finance actually is depraved. If you study finance, you study money, of course. But […]

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Outside the Box: 70 Is the New 65

As some of us know far too well, forecasting the future with any precision is extremely difficult. There’s at least one exception to the rule, though. Population trends show themselves decades and even centuries in advance. If we know how many people were born in a given year, we can extrapolate what the population will […]

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