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Research Analyst Originally from Omaha, NE, Justin attended Loyola University New Orleans College of Business. After graduating with degrees in management and economics in 2011, Justin worked several years as a commercial real estate appraiser in New Orleans. While serving as an appraiser, Justin joined Casey Research as a part-time analyst and contributing writer before becoming a full-time analyst in March 2014. Justin is currently the editor of The Casey Daily Dispatch.

The Auto Industry Has Peaked… Here’s the Proof

The auto boom is over… Finished. Kaput. For the better part of the last decade, the U.S. auto industry has been on fire. Sales have risen eight straight years. Last year, the industry sold a record 17.55 million vehicles. When an industry booms like this, people lose touch with reality. They act like the good […]

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Doug Casey Has “Never Seen Anything Like This”

Editor’s note: For this week’s Weekend Edition, we’re sharing a recent interview with Casey Research founder Doug Casey and Crisis Investing editor Nick Giambruno. Below, the guys touch on some of the biggest topics today, including Trump, the War on Cash, and a big third-world problem that’s headed straight for the U.S. We hope you […]

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Doug Casey on the Coming Holy War

Justin’s note: Today, we have another brand-new Conversations with Casey to share with you. In the interview below, Doug Casey and I discuss holy wars in Europe. I’m not talking about the Crusades, either. I’m talking about a modern-day holy war. Some folks will think I’m crazy for even entertaining this idea. But a few […]

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This Shady Practice Is Robbing You Blind

Let’s talk shrinkage. It’s a serious problem that’s affecting all of us. I’ll explain why in a second. But first, look at the size of this candy bar… It’s a joke. As I’m sure you know, it wasn’t always like this. When I was a kid, a Fun Size Milky Way was much bigger. You […]

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This Dangerous Assumption Could Cost You Everything

Animal spirits have come roaring back. “Animal spirits” is a term that finance guys use all the time. It refers to the human emotion that drives consumer confidence. When animal spirits are weak, people are fearful about the economy. When they’re strong, people are excited about the economy. I’m telling you this because Donald Trump […]

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Doug Casey on Why College Is a Waste of Money

Justin’s note: Today, instead of our usual market commentary, we’re doing something special. I recently sat down again with Casey Research founder Doug Casey to discuss a troubling trend: the fast-rising cost of a college education. Read our conversation below to see why Doug says relying on—and paying for—today’s educational paradigm “makes as much sense as entering a […]

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It’s Time to Be a “Vulture Investor”

Vultures are despicable creatures. They’re ugly. They’re nasty. And worst of all, they’re scavengers. They eat what other animals kill. But if you can look past that, it pays to be a vulture… After all, it’s much easier to eat a dead animal than to track one down and kill it yourself. Now, I’m not […]

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This Can Make or Break a Promising Resource Stock

Justin’s note: Earlier this month, I told you about Casey Research founder Doug Casey’s proprietary system for finding small resource stocks with huge upside. He calls this method the “Nine Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation.” In that issue, our gold stock guru Louis James talked about why “People” matter in resource stock evaluation. I recently […]

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How to Make a Fortune Off the “Trade of the Decade”

Forget about U.S. stocks. I might catch flak for saying this. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few readers write to call me a “traitor.” But my job isn’t to tell readers what they want to hear. It’s to help them make money and keep it. And right now, I see more danger […]

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Prepare for the “Cycle of Blight”

Wall Street is sitting on a pile of toxic assets…again. A decade ago, the U.S. housing market was a complete mess. Housing prices were falling. Americans were falling behind on their mortgages at an alarming rate. Banks were foreclosing on homes left and right. In 2008, the crisis came to a head. The U.S. housing […]

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