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Research Analyst Originally from Omaha, NE, Justin attended Loyola University New Orleans College of Business. After graduating with degrees in management and economics in 2011, Justin worked several years as a commercial real estate appraiser in New Orleans. While serving as an appraiser, Justin joined Casey Research as a part-time analyst and contributing writer before becoming a full-time analyst in March 2014. Justin is currently the editor of The Casey Daily Dispatch.

Why the Retail Apocalypse Has Only Just Begun…

One of the world’s most iconic retailers is on its deathbed. Sears is one of America’s oldest companies. It opened its first store in 1886, five years before the zipper was invented. The company later pioneered the mail-order catalog business. At one point, it was also the world’s biggest retailer. Those were the good ol’ […]

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Tuesday’s Pullback Was Just a Taste of What’s to Come…

The honeymoon is over… When Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, something unexpected happened. U.S. stocks took off. Two days after the election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average set a new all-time high. Two weeks later, the S&P 500 did the same. But the rally didn’t stop there. The Dow, S&P 500, and NASDAQ […]

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The Next Megatrend Has Begun…

There are countless ways to get rich investing. You can buy and hold stocks. You can trade options. You can speculate on small gold miners. You can also bet on “megatrends.” These are the trends that reshape the world. They often play out over years, sometimes decades. If you can get in front of one […]

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A Corporate Debt Crisis Is Underway… And Nobody Cares

Investors no longer give a damn. That might sound harsh, but when things are this backwards, you have to tell it like it is. You see, I read something recently that disturbed me. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It was an article I recently stumbled upon in Bloomberg. In […]

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Get Ready for a “Credit Implosion”

The world’s biggest financial bubble just popped. Regular readers know we’re talking about the bond market. This is where companies and the government borrow money. It’s about twice as big as the stock market. In other words, it’s a key pillar of the global financial system. And it’s starting to give way… Last summer, bond […]

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Why the Real Estate Market Is Imploding Again…

A new real estate crisis has begun. You might find that hard to believe. After all, the government put out all sorts of laws and regulations after the last housing crisis. These measures were supposed to protect us from a repeat of the 2008–2009 financial crisis. Plus, U.S. housing prices are rising, not falling. But […]

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Why This Giant Industry Is Going Extinct…

Retailers are falling left and right. I’m not talking about mom and pop shops. I’m talking about some of America’s most iconic companies. In the past year alone, Sports Authority, Wet Seal, American Apparel, Aeropostale, and Eastern Outfitters have all filed bankruptcy or liquidated their assets. Other major retailers like Macy’s, Gap, Sears, and Guess […]

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Why Every Investor Should Own This “Boring” Sector

Let’s turn back the clock. It’s October 2007. The S&P 500 is at a record high. U.S. housing prices are near all-time highs, too. In short, the U.S. economy looks like it’s doing great. Below the surface, it’s a much different story. Millions of Americans are falling behind on their mortgage payments. Lenders are taking […]

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Don’t Even Think About Buying This Lottery Ticket

Sell! Sell! Sell! That’s not something you hear on Wall Street often. But that’s what everyone is saying about Snapchat. Snapchat is a self-described “camera company.” But it doesn’t actually make cameras. It operates an app that runs on iPhones and other smartphones. This app lets you take pictures and put silly “filters” on them. […]

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This Iconic American Company Just Flashed a Major Warning

The year was 1984. The Boston College Eagles were trailing the Miami Hurricanes 41-45 in the fourth quarter. There were six seconds on the clock. The football was at Miami’s 48-yard line. Boston College needed a miracle. It put three wide receivers on the right side of the field. All of them had the same […]

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