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Editor, International Man Nick has a long-held passion for internationalization. He has lived in Europe and worked in the Middle East. Most recently in Beirut and Dubai, where he worked as a research analyst covering Middle East and North Africa equities for an investment bank. Nick is a CFA charterholder and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, summa cum laude. He is a contributor to and investment analyst for The Casey Report and editor at International Man.

Homepage: http://www.caseyresearch.com/go/bwtCP/NIT

Akin to Porcupines Mating

That was how the slow and careful rapprochement between Russia and China has been described by Eric Margolis, one of my favorite geopolitical writers. US shenanigans in Eastern Europe and the East China Sea—fomenting so-called colored revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia (both on Russia’s periphery) and egging on China’s neighbors to make aggressive territorial claims—have […]

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Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures

It’s undeniable that the window of opportunity is getting smaller… especially when you connect all the dots and see the big picture. To help connect those dots, it’s important to understand the things that make being an American citizen uniquely burdensome. First, Americans are the only people in the entire world who effectively suffer under […]

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Peter Schiff Goes to Puerto Rico

It’s been a little over a year since I sat down with Peter Schiff at his house in Connecticut to discuss the importance of international diversification. Since then, the options available to take protective measures have declined in many ways, especially as the destructive FATCA law comes into force. While some doors have closed, others […]

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