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While you don’t need to register to browse our blogs, in order to comment on blogs or participate in the forums, you’ll need to register with TIMM.

In our ongoing effort to protect and promote TIMM’s community and all our wonderful TIMM Members and Mentors, we don’t allow anonymous posts in any of our blogs or social areas. This cuts down on harassment and commentary that doesn’t promote TIMM’s overall goals of mutual growth and profit.

If you choose not to subscribe, that’s fine. Many people prefer to keep their privacy. You’ll still have access to our blogs and newsletter reviews. If you’re ready to register, we offer two main levels of membership, TIMM Friends and Members. Friends membership is free and grants the subscriber the ability to post in our public forums and comment on blogs. Members have access to private forums where they can interact with Mentors as well as any future basic Member services we offer. Members also are able to review Mentors and newsletter services.

One of the first services we plan on rolling out in the near future will be a live chat room we’re calling the Trading Floor. Members will be able to interact with Mentors live during trading hours, pursuing actionable analysis together.

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